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End-To-End Solutions
For Businesses

Our Clientele

We provide brand-neutral solutions to businesses by providing technical on-site support, repair, refurbishment, after-sales, and logistics services.

All The Fixes At The Right Place

On-Site Solutions

We provide brand-neutral solutions to businesses by providing technical on-site support, repairment, refurbishment, after sales and logistics services.


End User Computing (EUC) Devices

Under our OEM-driven support, you can now book a technician visit for all your customers' troubled devices covered under a warranty agreement. Bakkuendo aims to streamline the process by offering end-to-end hardware and software solutions to enhance efficiency.

installation services

Installation & Demo Services

Book easy appointments for all Installation and Demo requirements, and our team will arrange a technician visit at the location of your customer's choice so that customers can have a real-time experience of the product.

Solutions Tailored To Your Organizations Size

IT Managed Services

Discover an enriched customer experience with our satisfaction-led and experience-led agreements aimed to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

With organizations rapidly expanding their IT and Network Infrastructure, 24X7 Enterprise Assets (S4N) support has become imperative to achieve business goals and maintain an unhindered support line for end customers.

Bakkuendo, with its Certified Resources, facilitates server Installations and round-the-clock server management solutions across India to minimize downtime.

Unmatched Quality At Unmatched Precision

Spare Logistics

We understand that in today's fast-paced environment, clients must act quickly for a longer duration for the spare parts. Hence, Bakkuendo provides technicians with genuine spares and expertise to resolve the concern in one go.

Bakkuendo takes exceptional care to ensure spare parts reach your customers safely.

Your Trusted IT Support Partner At Your Hour Of Need

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Bakkuendo offers AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contracts) to businesses of varying sizes with the aim of unstoppable growth for our clients. With our highly skilled staffing, keeping up with the competitive world has become relatively easy.

Customized AMCs that suit your business and requirements with complete IT solutions guarantee efficient performing technology and a range of services.

Get a Service Level Agreement (SLA) covered that outlines the scope of services to be provided, response times, and service delivery standards. We show transparency and accountability when it comes to our services.

Equipped With Efficiency And Excellence

Facility Management Services & 24X7 Service Desk

A business organization needs services with a certain level of flexibility and agility, which poses lots of challenges for service providers. With Bakkuendo, the large-frame IT organizations can now access quality support services through a single source.

Bakkuendo offers on-site resident engineers depending upon the size and complexity of the IT architecture. Our expert resource will be operational at your location for a time duration of your choice.

Hire a certified engineer for a week, month, or longer durations as per your requirement.