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Handpicked Experts,
Process-Oriented Approaches
& Quick Resolutions

Our Expertise

With a combined industry experience of more than 50+ years at the leadership level, we at Bakkuendo understand the needs of a large IT infrastructure-led organization. Our handpicked experts specialize in providing process-oriented approaches to problem diagnosis and quick resolutions.

Convenience Is No Longer Limited To A Few Drive Locations

On-Site Solution

Global Technical Expertise At Desired Location

We are global experts in catering technical solutions that mainly include repair, refurbishment, global logistics, and after-sales services to all IT peripheral brands.

Obtain operational efficacy with on-site and offsite support for all your IT needs, and schedule engineer visits at single or multiple locations simultaneously for an on-site project. With our proven workflow, we aim to reduce your team's stress. We specialize in quick resolutions for increased uptime and end-user satisfaction. All our teams are equipped with:

  • Skills to diagnose your IT architecture, highlight the points of concern and offer practical solutions.
  • Vehicles for faster commutes.

Increased Productivity With Minimum Downtime Is No Longer A Challenge

Enterprise Support

We provide efficacious solutions and rapid resolutions to increase productivity with minimum downtime.

We aim to help you get the best outcomes using the minimum resources. Our strategic planning gives you the best technology experience in this "Digital Era."

Our team specializes in providing complete tech support to enterprises large and small.

Contact our team of experts for the best outcomes.

Experience A More Dynamic Approach To Customer-Centricity

XLA Led Service Routines

Bakkuendo, with the help of certified and competent resources, thrives on providing a shorter turnaround time so that your organization gains the agility required to excel in today's highly competitive market space.

To ensure this does not become another baseless and cliché term, we back our TAT guarantee with another unique metric to measure customer experience. Our SLAB differs from others as we measure our success regarding customer satisfaction and customer experience during the service journey.

Get in touch with one of Bakkuendo's experts and experience a new level of satisfaction.

Genuine Spares Tend To Enhance The Longevity Of Your System

Spare Logistics Management

Bakkuendo, with its effective Spare Logistics Management, provides you with expert care by offering you Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for all your needs to ensure you get only the best.

By providing you with multiple brands and models, we ensure that your diverse needs get the best solutions at a single stop to compete in this fast-growing world. The original spares make your system work progressively to increase the outcome for better results.

Outsource A Computer At Your Convenience

Assets Outsourcing Services

Bakkuendo helps reduce your asset purchase expenses by providing you with computer rental services to improve operational performance and gain access to new technologies and best practices.

With our easy rentals, asset outsourcing is not a challenge anymore for people who do not want to spend more on buying the latest computer to stay updated with the technology.

Get multiple brands and models for rent with our customized subscription plans.

Discover The Key To Create A Team Ready To Take On Any Challenge

Training and Development Centers

We have Training and Development centers across all tier-2 and tier-3 cities, where we reach out to people with fewer opportunities and provide the necessary support to gain expertise and employability. Many of our expert engineers are already associated with OEM organizations and are helping customers to a superior service support network.

Meet our team of handpicked experts trained at our Training and Development facilities across all tier-2 and tier-3 cities under the Skill India Program with the Government of India.

Unfold The Secret Of Unwavering Team Unity & Uninterrupted Services

Employee Enablement

We pay special attention to employee care, which enables us to achieve higher retention rates and uninterrupted services.

We offer:

  • Company-managed residential complexes in strategic locations
  • Company-owned vehicles for faster commutes
  • Industry-required certifications